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Motorola 88k bug

The MVME18X MVME197LE/MVME197SP/MVME197DP boards operate with its required and factory installed Debug Monitor- 181bug, 188bug, 187bug etc...

Motorola BootBug

Because Flash memory can be electronically erased, the EPROM firmware is a subset of the regular debugger product. It contains enough functionality from the debugger to permit downloading of object code (via VMEbus, serial port, SCSI bus, or the network) and reprogramming of the Flash memory.
For example MVME197 contains 197BootBug which has size of 128KB-512KB while the Debugger with size of 1MB is programmed into flash memory.

How to backup your Bug/Bootbug


Version Bug File BootBug File Release date
1.3 Yes N/A 01/31/92
1.4 Yes N/A 07/21/92
2.2 Yes N/A 01/14/94
2.3 No N/A 12/16/94


Version Bug File BootBug File Release date
5.2 Yes N/A
5.5 Yes N/A 12/16/94


Version Bug File BootBug File Release Date
0.5 No No 08/09/93
0.6 No Yes 09/09/93
0.8 Yes Yes 02/04/94
1.1 Yes Yes 06/17/94
1.3 Yes Yes 02/28/95
1.4 Yes Yes 08/07/95
If you have any version we're missing please contact us.