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Motorola MVME712-07 I/O Transition Board

I/O Distribution Board Set The I/O Distribution Board Set, consisting of the MVME712-06 Quad Serial Port Transition Board, MVME712-07 I/O Transition Board, and MVME712-09 Transition Distribution Board, are used together as I/O transition modules for Motorola's MVME166 Single Board Computer VMEmodules and their peripheral devices. Two four-foot long cables are furnished with the I/O Distribution Board Set: a 68pin SCSI P cable and a 100-pin I/O cable. The cables are "high density" 25 mil flat ribbon cable. They are to be connected on one end to the front panel of the MVME166 using high density connectors, routed into the chassis, and connected on the other end to the Transition Distribution Board using Mini Wiremount (3M) connectors. The Transition Distribution Board connects directly to both the Quad Serial Transition Board and the I/O Transition Board through DIN connectors For modem applications, serial port number two of the Quad Serial Transition Board can be used. A set of jumpers can be populated on the Quad Serial Port Transition Board, routing the appropriate port two signal lines across the Distribution Board and to the optional modem on the I/O Transition Board. If this is done, serial port two is used for modem operation.

MVME712-07 Connector Locations

MVME712-07 Pictures

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