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Motorola MVME712-15 Transition Board

MVME712-15 is the same as MVME712M except it doesn't provide onboard external SCSI termination. The MVME712-15 is used as the interface between Motorola's MVME1xx RISC and CISC Single Board Computers, such as the MVME147S, MVME162, MVME167, and MVME187 families of VMEmodules, and their peripheral devices. A P2 adapter module and cables are supplied for interconnection between the MVME712-15 and the MVME1xx-family VMEmodule. The MVME712-15 has four DB-25 connectors for the serial ports, one 36-pin connector for the printer port, one 50-pin connector for the SCSI port, and one DB-15 connector for the Ethernet port. The serial ports may be configured for use as DTE or DCE through jumper arrangements on the MVME712-15.

MVME712-15 Features

MVME712-15 Jumper Settings

MVME712-15 Pictures

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