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How to backup your 167/167/187/197 bug version over network

You'll need a tftp server to upload files. One option is to use a free NAS4FRE as a tftp server.
Some servers require an empty file created with unix/linux/bsd rights of 777 (writable by all).
This depends on Your tftp software configuration. You can configure NAS4FREE to create files (no empty files required).

Usually ROM addresses start from FF800000 and got up to FFBFFFFF. Most typical sizes are 512kB and 1024kB.
ROM contents is duplicated over the address space. You can discover ROM size by examining the memory contents.
Latest boards use total of 1MB ROMs and earlier 512kB. Smaller sizes are also possible(Bootbugs are usually 128KB).

167-Bug>MD FF804000:10;W
FF804000 242E FFFC 4E5E 4E75 4E56 0000 48E7 3800 $...N^NuNV..H.8.
FF804010 262E 0008 6604 4280 6034 243C FF85 3360 &...f.B.`4$<..3`
167-Bug>MD FF884000:10;W
FF884000 242E FFFC 4E5E 4E75 4E56 0000 48E7 3800 $...N^NuNV..H.8.
FF884010 262E 0008 6604 4280 6034 243C FF85 3360 &...f.B.`4$<..3`

Both addresses contain the same values. In this case the bug is 512KB in size. If your bug version supports niot
commands you can upload the file to a tftp server.

Configure the network:
Controller LUN =00?
Device LUN =00?
Node Control Memory Address =FFE10000?
Client IP Address =
Server IP Address =
Subnet IP Address Mask =
Broadcast IP Address =
Gateway IP Address =
Boot File Name ("NULL" for None) =? .

Update Non-Volatile RAM (Y/N)? y

Now upload the bug image:
Controller LUN =00?
Device LUN =00?
Get/Put =G? P
File Name =? 167bug1.6¹
Memory Address =0000E000? FF800000
Length =00000000? 80000²

Bytes Sent =&524288
Bytes/Second =&262144, Elapsed Time =2 Second(s)

¹Note that you need to create an empty file with the same name and 777 permissions in the tftp directory.
² For 1024KB bug versions use 100000