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Motorola MVME165 Board

The MVME165 microcomputer is a VME/VSB-based CPU engine, utilizing the Motorola MC68040 microprocessor. The MC68040 features 8Kb of internal cache, a floating point unit and a memory management unit. The MVME165 includes the MC68681 DUART for serial I/O software timing, the Local Resource Conroller (LRC) for local CSR, counter/timers, and local interrupt source; a full VMEbus 32-bit master/slave interface, a VMEbus interrupt handler, interrupter, system controller and a global register set (MVME60000); a full VSB bus master/slave interface (MVSB2400); two 32-pin JEDEC standard sockets for EPROM, one 28-pin JEDEC socket for Time-of-Day Clock/Non-Volatile RAM (TOD/NVRAM), and a 4/16Mb DRAM.

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