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Motorola MVME172 Board

The MVME172 is based on the MC68060 or MC68LC060 microprocessor. The MVME172 is available in various versions. A "No VMEbus" option is also available. The I/O connection for the 200/300-Series MVME172 is provided through four RJ-45 front panel connectors. The I/O connection for the 400/500-Series serial ports is provided by two DB-25 front panel I/O connectors. The I/O is connected to the VMEbus P2 connector. The main board is connected through a P2 transition board and cables to transition boards. The Series 400/500 MVME172 supports the transition boards MVME712-12, MVME712-13, MVME712M, MVME712A, MVME712AM, and MVME712B.




VME (optional non-VMEbus version)


Operating Systems

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