Motorola MVME177 Board

The MVME177, a single-board computer (SBC), was the last system from Motorola to implement a 68000 family CPU, in this case the 68060. The MVME177 itself is a single-height 6U VME board. Two mezzanine boards may be stacked to provide up to 256MB of onboard RAM. The main board and a single mezzanine board together take one slot. The stacked configuration requires two VMEboard slots. The external I/O was implemented via the P2-VME connector at the back of the board. Several breakouts were available, Motorola's 712 boards were the most widely used ones.







Operating Systems


Available MVME177 models

Model CPU clock RAM
MVME177-001 50MHz 4MB ECC
MVME177-002 50MHz 8MB ECC
MVME177-003 50MHz 16MB ECC
MVME177-004 50MHz 32MB ECC
MVME177-005 50MHz 64MB ECC
MVME177-006 50MHz 128MB ECC
MVME177-011 60MHz 4MB ECC
MVME177-012 60MHz 8MB ECC
MVME177-013 60MHz 16MB ECC
MVME177-014 60MHz 32MB ECC
MVME177-015 60MHz 64MB ECC
MVME177-016 60MHz 128MB ECC

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