Motorola System V/68 Release 3 Version 4


  • A minimum of 4MB of DRAM
  • A processor with SST/boot ROM firmware version 3.1 or higher
  • The MVME350 with firmware version 2.3 or higher with PWA at revision W for the 13X processor or Y for the 134 processor.
  • If a MVME360 board is used, it must have a firmware reivision of 140 or higher.

    Peripherals Supported

    Board Description Max count Minimum revision
    MVME131XT MC68020 16MHz, MMB851, Cache, MC68881 1 H
    MVME131DOF MC68020 16MHz, MMB851, MC68881 1 H
    MVME132XT MC68020 16MHz, MC68851 PMMU, Cache, MC68881 1 G
    MVME132DOF MC68020 16MHz, MC68851 PMMU, MC68881 1 J
    MVME134 MC68020 16MHz, MC68851 PMMU, 4MB DRAM 1
    MVME204-2 2MB DRAM* 4 F
    MVME204-2F 2MB Fast DRAM** 4 D
    VME205 4MB ECC DRAM 4 H
    MVME320A Winchester/Floppy Controller*** 2 A
    MVME320B Winchester/Floppy Controller 2 D
    MVME323 ESDI Controller 1 C
    MVME332 8-port RS-232 Async Communcations Controller 4 D
    MVME332XT 8-port Asynchronous Communications Controller 4
    MVME333 Synchronous Communcations Controller 1 C
    MVME335 4-port RS-232 plus Parallel Port Communications Contrtoller 1
    MVME336 16-port Asynchronous Cluster Controller 1
    MVME350 Streaming Cartridge Tape Controller 1 ****
    MVME355 9-track Tape Controller 1 C
    MVME360 SMD Disk Controller 2 B
    * This board may not be used with ESDI drives.
    ** This board must be revision level D or higher to work with ESDI drives.
    *** Only part number 01-W3429B03 is supported.
    **** W for 13X processor or Y for the 134 processor.