Motorola System V/68 Release 3 Version 7.1


  • A minimum of 4MB of DRAM for MVME147 and 8MB of DRAM for MVME167
  • A processor with SST/boot ROM firmware version:
    CPU Board SST/Boot ROM firmware version
    MVME141 1.7 or higher
    MVME147 2.0 or higher
    MVME167 1.1 or higher

    Peripherals Supported

    Board Description Max count Minimum revision
    MVME141 MVME141 Family - MC68030 CPU 1 B
    MVME147 MVME147 Family - MC68030, MC68882, 4 or 8MB DRAM, SCSI, Ethernet 1 B
    MVME147 MVME147 Family - MC68030, MC68882, 16MB or 32MB DRAM, SCSI, Ethernet 1 B
    MVME167 MVME167 Family - MC68040, 8, 16 or 32MB DRAM, SCSI, Ethernet 1 B
    MVME167 MVME167 Family - MC68040, 8, 16 or 32MB ECC DRAM, SCSI, Ethernet 1 B
    MVME204 1 or 2MB DRAM 4
    MVME205 4MB ECC DRAM 4
    MVME224 4, 8 or 16MB Parity Memory 4 E
    MVME230 4, 8 or 16MB ECC Memory 4
    MVME236 16MB Parity Memory 2 A
    MVME323 ESDI Controller 2 C
    MVME327A SCSI Bus Adapter 2 G
    MVME328 SCSI Host Adapter 6 A
    MVME332XT 8 Serial/1 Parallel Port Async Communications Controller 8 C
    MVME335 4 Serial/1 Parallel Port Async Communications Controller 2 B
    MVME336 DeltaLink Controller 1 B
    MVME337 EVSB Serial Communications Controller 4 B
    MVME350 QIC-02 Streaming Cartridge Tape Controller 2 D
    MVME355 9-Track Tape Controller 2 E
    MVSB741 16 Channel Asynchronous Extensible VSB (EVSB) Module 4 per MVME337 01A
    1. The MVME147, MVME167, MVME327 and MVME328 only support SCSI logical unit number zero.
    There is no support for any other logical unit numbers on the SCSI bus.
    2. Off-board memory (memory on the VME Bus) is not support with MVME147 and MVME167
    There are no modern control signals on the console port of MVME147 and MVME167
    3. No support for A24 slave boards on the VME Bus by MVME147 and MVME167
    4. MVME328 is not supported on MVME141 or MVME147 as a boot device.
    5. A second MVME335 is not recommended for large, simultaneous data transfers.
    6. MVME355 is not supported as a boot device.

    Motorola Model Number Maximum Number Vendor Model Number
    MVME842 182MB CDC WREN III ESDI Hard Disk 94166-182
    MVME843 390 CDC WREN V ESDI Hard disk 94186-442
    MVME862 40MB Seagate ST-157 SCSI Hard Disk** ST157N/M
    MVME873 80MB Seagate ST-296N SCSI Hard Disk** ST296N/M
    MVME863 107MB CDC Swift126 SCSI Hard Disk** 94351-126
    MVME864 172MB CDC Swift201 SCSI Hard Disk** 94351-200S
    MVME863A 135MB Fujitsu M2613 SCSI Hard Disk M2613ESA-MOT
    MVME864 180MB Fujitsu M2614 SCSI Hard Disk M2614ESA-MOT
    MVME765 330MB Fujitsu M2622 SCSI Hard Disk M2622SA-MOT
    MVME866 525MB Fujitsu M2624 SCSI Hard Disk MVME2624SA-MOT
    MVME867 1GB Seagate ST11200 SCSI Hard Disk ST11200N-MOT
    MVME874 150MB Seagate/CDC WREN III SCSI Hard Disk** 94161-155
    MVME875 300MB Seagate/CDC WREN IV SCSI Hard Disk** 94171-307
    MVME876 600MB Seagate/CDC WREN V SCSI Hard Disk** 94181-702
    MVME877 1.2GB Seagate/CDC Wren VII SCSI Hard Disk** 94601-12G
    MVME852 60MB Archive 2060S SCSI Streaming Cartridge Tape Drive** 2060S
    MVME853 150MB Archive 2150S SCSI Streaming Cartridge Tape Drive** 2150S
    MVME852Q 60MB Archive 2060L QIC-02 Streaming Cartridge Tape Drive** 5944-L2
    MVME853Q 150MB Archive 2150L QIC-02 Streaming Cartrdige Tape Drive** 2150L
    MVME854 525MB Archive 2525S 5.25-inch QIC Cartridge Drivei*** 2525S
    MVME857 2GB Archive 27416 Python DAT Tape Drive** 27416
    MVME855 155MB TAEC SCSI Cassette Streaming Tape Drive** MT-2ST/N50
    MVME856 2GB Exabyte EXB-8200 SCSI Streaming Tape Drive** EXB-8200
    MVME881A 1.2MB/655KB Floppy Disk Drive FD55-GFRS
    MVME884 360KB-2.9MB TEAC SCSI Floppy Disk Drive FD235-JS
    MVME848-1/-2 Kennedy 1600/6250 BPI SCSI 9-Track Tape Drive (Model 9662) 6250
    MVME859 Pertec 1600/3200 BPI 1/2 Tape Drive
    MVME895A-1/2 M4 1600 BPI 9-track Tape Drive 9905
    MVME895B-1/2 M4 6250 BPI 9-track Tape Drive 9914
    40MB ST-147N Disk is too small for system installation.
    ** The maximum number of these SCSI drives depends on kernel configuration.
    EXB-8200 is only supported in fixed-size records of 1024 bytes (or higher) multiples on the MVME147 and MVME327. No boot support for Exabyte tape drives. No boot support for 9-Track tape drives or floppy drives.
    Archive 2525S is supported only on MVME167 and MVME328