Motorola System V/88 Release 4.0 Version 3.1


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Subject: Motorola System V/88 R4v3.1
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Date: 2 Nov 91 01:32:13 GMT
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Motorola Announces Initial Release of Its Feature-Rich Version of UNIX
SVR4 for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Application
Development -- Provides Customers with Seamless Migration Path

        NEW YORK CITY, Oct. 30, 1991 -- MotorolaR Inc.  today
announced the initial release of its enhanced UNIXR System V Release
4, Version 3 (SVR4)-compatible operating system.  UNIX SYSTEM V/88TM
Release 4.0, Version 3.1 supports Motorola's MC88000TM based reduced
instruction set computer (RISC) systems architecture and complies with
UNIX Systems Laboratory's Application Binary Interface (ABI); X/Open's
Portability Guide, Issue 3 (XPG Issue 3) from X/OpenTM; and Binary
Compatibility Standard (BCS) and Object Compatibility Standard (OCS)
criteria established by the 88openTM Consortium.  This compatibility
provides seamless migration from Motorola SYSTEM V/88 Release 3.2
Version 2 and Version 3.  "Our latest UNIX SYSTEM V/88 release
reaffirms Motorola's commitment to open systems computing, bringing an
integrated software environment to the market that merges the best
features of all the industry's major UNIX variations," said Thomas A.
Beaver, corporate vice president and general manager, Motorola
Computer Group (MCG).
        "What's more, this initial version allows our software
developers and key customers to migrate to SVR4 now, enabling them to
begin early development and porting of SVR4 applications.  By the
first quarter of next year, customers will have a host of added
features available with Motorola's introduction of UNIX System
Laboratories' (USL's) UNIX System V Release 4.0 MP.  This release
includes symmetrical multiprocessing (SMP) support for Motorola's two
and four processor MVME188 RISC engines and support for our new
award-winning RISC-based single board computer, the MVME187," Beaver
        All UNIX SYSTEM V/88 Release 4, Version 3.1 customers will
receive the SMP version at no additional cost. Because of Motorola's
commitment to the 88open OCS/BCS and SVR4 ABI interface standards,
applications will migrate, without recompilation, directly to UNIX
System V Release 4.0 MP.
        Beaver noted that Motorola is offering a training curriculum
to help customers make the transition to the new operating system
release as smoothly as possible. The training consists of six courses
including planning, administration, internals, drivers and streams, C
programming, and C++ programming. Classes will begin in the first
quarter of 1992.
        At UNIX Expo International, Motorola is demonstrating the
seamless migration path from UNIX SYSTEM V/88 Release 3.2, Version 3
to UNIX SYSTEM V/88 Release 4.0, Version 3.1. The UNIX SYSTEM V/88
operating system demonstration includes the Base Operating System; an
enhanced version of Network Services ExtensionTM, which is Motorola's
implementation of UNIX SYSTEM V's networking utilities; and a new
version of DeltaWINDOWSTM, a graphical windowing software development
environment marketed by the Motorola Computer Group, Technical Systems
        UNIX SYSTEM V/88 Release 4.0, Version 3.1 offers guaranteed
compliance with all of the 88open Consortium Ltd's interface
standards, including the ABI, BCS and OCS.  Motorola's BCS and OCS
addition to SVR4 provides true binary application portability from
UNIX SYSTEM V/88 Release 3.2, Version 3 to UNIX SYSTEM V/88 Release
4.0, Version 3.1.  88open-certified applications run on all 88open
compliant hardware platforms utilizing Motorola's M88XX0 family of
RISC microprocessors, including Motorola's Delta SeriesTM 8000 and
MultiPersonalTM Series 8000 product families. Compliance with the ABI
standard ensures that applications will run under future Release 4
versions of UNIX SYSTEM V/88 as well.  Key software and hardware
support features of UNIX SYSTEM V/88 Release 4.0, Version 3.1 are
designed with software developers and end users in mind (see attached
list of features).
        One such integrated feature is support for a new version of
the Network Services Extension (NSE), Motorola's enhanced
implementation of the USL UNIX System V's networking utilities.  NSE
extends the networking capabilities of the Base Operating System
(BOS), allowing communication among many different hardware platforms
and operating systems in an open system local area network. The new
NSE includes several new features and performance enhancements (see
attached list of features) and conforms to the latest versions of Sun
Microsystems' Network File Sharing (NFS) and AT&T's Remote File
Sharing (RFS) standards.
        UNIX SYSTEM V/88 Release 4.0, Version 3.1 also provides
integrated support for DeltaWINDOWSTM 1.2, a new version of the
Technical Systems Division's software development environment.
DeltaWINDOWS 1.2 provides users access to the performance improvements
inherent in the latest release of X Window SystemTM, Release 11,
Version 4.  It also adds VT220 terminal emulation support for
Motorola's broad family of X terminals with optional remote X terminal
support via an RS232 interface. DeltaWINDOWS also features the
OSF/MotifTM graphical user interface.
        UNIX SYSTEM V/88 Release 4.0, Version 3.1 includes the BOS,
NSE and DeltaWINDOWS 1.2. The early access release is now shipping to
ISVs for development of off-the-shelf software applications and other
key customers of the MCG.  (NOTE TO EDITORS: See attachments for list
of UNIX SYSTEM V/88 Release 4.0, Version 3.1 hardware, software and
networking features).
        The Motorola Computer Group (MCG) develops, manufactures,
sells and supports a full range of distributed computing products --
from board level to integrated solutions -- based on non-proprietary
hardware, software and networking standards. Products are marketed in
the United States and Canada to commercial and government markets by
MCG's Commercial Systems Division; to industrial,
technical/engineering and real-time markets by the Technical Systems
Division; and to all of these markets outside North America by the
International Computer Division. The Field Service Division provides
MCG with nationwide service, support and systems integration

Features - UNIX SYSTEM V/88TM Release 4.0, Version 3.1

Open System Standards Xenix System Compatibility
        POSIX Conformance X/Open Portability Conformance
        BCS and OCS Conformance Device-Kernel Interface/Device Driver
Interface SVID ABI
        BSD Compatibility Package

Hardware Features MVME332XT Communications Controller Driver and
Utilities MVME37X Ethernet Driver and Utilities MVME188 RISC Engine
MVME328 SCSI Controller High Performance Fuji Disk Drives
        CDROM Disk Drive Support for NDS X-Terminals

Software Features Real-Time Processing
        Internationalization Accounting Utilities
        Basic Networking Utilities C Programming Language Tool
DeltaWINDOWS X Window System and OSF/Motif Graphical User Interface
Enhanced Programming Utilities
        Framed Access Command Environment (FACE) Utilities
        Inter-Process Communication (IPC) Utilities
        Internet Utilities Line Printer Spooling Package
        Network File System Streams, Network Selection, Transport
Level Interface Networking Support Utilities
        Personal Computer Interface Utilities (PCI) PCI for Ethernet
(PCIETH) Remote File Sharing Utilities
        Remote Procedure Call Utilities Spell Utilities
        System Header Files System Performance Analysis Utilities
(SPAU) Terminal Information Utilities
        UFS Utilities

System Support Features Remote File Sharing (RFS) and Network File
System (NFS) On-line Manual Page Package
        System Administration Utilities

Barbara Patterson
Motorola Computer Group
Technical Systems Division
(602) 438-3576