This page is an informational, technical resource on computer systems based on the Motorola 68000 (m68k) and 88000 (m88k) platforms, Motorola's CISC and RISC designs.

02 Sep 2021

Added SysV88 R32V1.2 pages

We've sucessfully installed this earlier Unisoft port of System V to Motorola 88k architecture on MVME181. The installation supports MVME323 ESDI controller only.

14 Dec 2016

Added SysV88 R32V3.1, SysV68 R3V5.1 and R3V6.1 pages

26 Oct 2015

Enabling linux system to serve date/time requests and adding rdate to R3V8

06 Sep 2015

Tutorial: Installing System V/88 R4V4 operating system with an unknown SCSI disk

24 May 2015

MVME141 page added

04 Jan 2015

68kbug/88kbug pages added

We're trying to build a complete Debugger and BootBug archive

13 Nov 2014

MVME172 page added

MVME172 models have been added.

30 May 2014

Website is up and running

19 March 2014

OpenBSD drops mvme68k and mvme88k ports

The OpenBSD/mvme88k port will be discontinued after the 5.5 release.

17 December 2007

OpenBSD/mvme88k now supports the MVME197LE and SMP

After ardous bug-fixing OpenBSD now fully supports the Motorola MVME197LE boards and SMP on the MVME188 boards. The updates were contributed by Miod Vallat (OpenBSD m88k port maintainer), together with a large bunch of other corrections. Thanks!

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