Motorola MVME187 Board

The MVME187, a single-board computer (SBC), was the first system from Motorola to implement a 88000 CPU, in this case the 88100. It is, besides the actual MPU, almost identical to its m68k-based cousin MVME167; both can use the same peripheral and RAM boards. The MVME187 itself is a single-height 6U VME board. Memory has to be placed directly on this board via so called mezzanine boards, which were available in two different types and several configurations:

  1. Parity protected RAM, sizes include {4, 8, 16, 32}MB.
  2. ECC protected RAM, sizes include {4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128}MB.

These boards can be mixed when using Motorola System V/88 Unix. Up two two boards can be placed on the SBC; just one mezzanine board and the SBC take up one VME slot. Two mezzanine boards and the SBC take the space of two VME slots.
The external I/O was implemented via the P2-VME connector at the back of the board. Several breakouts were available, Motorola's MVME712 boards were the most widely used ones.







Operating Systems


Available MVME187 models

model CPU clock RAM cache
MVME187-001B 25MHz 4MB parity 32KB
MVME187-002B 25MHz 8MB parity 32KB
MVME187-003B 25MHz 16MB parity 32KB
MVME187-004B 25MHz 32MB parity 32KB
MVME187-023B 33MHz 16MB ECC 128KB
MVME187-024B 33MHz 32MB ECC 128KB
MVME187-031B 33MHz 4MB ECC 32KB
MVME187-032B 33MHz 8MB ECC 32KB
MVME187-033B 33MHz 16MB ECC 32KB
MVME187-034B 33MHz 32MB ECC 32KB
MVME187-035B 33MHz 64MB ECC 32KB
MVME187-036B 33MHz 128MB ECC 32KB

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