Motorola MVME188 Board

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Contrary to the other MVME88k boards the 188/188A do not provide any integrated onboard I/O-devices but rather act as containers for the so-called HYPERmodules, which provide the processors and Cache/Memory Management Units (CMMUs), depending on the specific model and configuration. Other components are provided via specific external expansion cards (memory and serial ports) or MVME boards (SCSI, Ethernet, more serial ports, parallel port, FDDI).


Model processor(s) CMMU(s)/L2 cache Notes
1P32 88100 88200/32KB
1P64 88100 88200/64KB
1P128 88100 88204/128KB Second most common HYPERmodule.
Only to be used in MVME188A.
1P256 88100 88204/256KB Probably never manufactured or sold.
Only to be used in MVME188A.
2P64 88100 88200/64KB Third most common HYPERmodule.
2P128 88100 88200/128KB
2P256 88100 88204/256KB Most common HYPERmodule.
Only to be used in MVME188A.
2P512 88100 88204/512KB Only to be used in MVME188A.
4P128 88100 88200/128KB
4P512 88100 88204/512KB Only to be used in MVME188A.

Each 88100 processor has either 2, 4 or 8 88200/4 CMMUs, a configuration with 2 CMMUs per CPU means 1 Instruction CMMU and 1 Data CMMU. If a CPU has 4 CMMUs or more, these can be configured as User/Supervisor mode CMMUs, resulting in Instruction/Data (I/D) Supervisor mode (IS/DS) and I/D User mode (IU/DU) CMMUs.

HYPERmodules with 88204 CMMUs will only work in MVME188A boards.


As said above, the MVME188/188A need special memory boards, namely MVME288, which came in three configurations: 16MB parity, 32MB ECC and 64MB. Up to four memory boards can be used on any MVME188 between thr SYSCON controller and the main logic card.

Operating Systems


Matrix tables

The following tables list the different available MVME188 and MVME188A versions with their assembly part-number, used HYPERmodule (see above for explanation), clock-frequency of the CPU(s) and installed main-memory. The difference between 188 and 188A are rather small, the 188A has supposedly a slightly cleaned artwork and better reset behaviour which allows SMP operating systems to really reset the hardware (and not hang it).

Available MVME188 models

model HYPERmodule CPU clock RAM
MVME188SP-1 1P128 20MHz 16MB
MVME188SP-1-64 1P128 20MHz 64MB
MVME188SP-2 1P128 25MHz 16MB
MVME188SP-2-16 1P128 25MHz 16MB
MVME188SP-2-32 1P128 25MHz 2x16MB
MVME188SP-2-64 1P128 25MHz 64MB
MVME188SP-2-128 1P128 25MHz 2x64MB
MVME188SP-2-256 1P128 25MHz 4x64MB
MVME188SP-3 1P64 20MHz 16MB
MVME188SP-5-16 1P64 25MHz 16MB
MVME188SP-5-32 1P64 25MHz 2x16MB
MVME188SP-5-64 1P64 25MHz 64MB
MVME188DP-1 2P128 20MHz 16MB
MVME188DP-1-64 2P128 20MHz 64MB
MVME188DP-2 2P128 25MHz 16MB
MVME188DP-2-16 2P128 25MHz 16MB
MVME188DP-2-32 2P128 25MHz 2x16MB
MVME188DP-2-64 2P128 25MHz 64MB
MVME188DP-2-128 2P128 25MHz 2x64MB
MVME188DP-2-256 2P128 25MHz 4x64MB
MVME188DP-3 2P64 20MHz 16MB
MVME188DP-5-16 2P64 25MHz 16MB
MVME188DP-5-32 2P64 25MHz 32MB ECC
MVME188DP-5-64 2P64 25MHz 64MB
MVME188DP-7-64 2P64 20MHz 64MB
MVME188QP-1 4P128 20MHz 16MB
MVME188QP-1-64 4P128 20MHz 64MB
MVME188QP-2 4P128 25MHz 16MB
MVME188QP-2-64 4P128 25MHz 64MB
MVME188QP-2-128 4P128 25MHz 2x64MB
MVME188QP-2-256 4P128 25MHz 4x64

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Available MVME188A models

part-number HYPERmodule CPU clock RAM
9601-1882 1P256 20MHz 64MB
9601-1883 2P64 20MHz 64MB
9601-1892 1P128 25MHz 4x64MB
9601-1893 1P128 25MHz 2x64MB
9601-1919 1P64 20MHz 16MB
9601-1920 1P64 25MHz 16MB
9601-1921 2P64 25MHz 2x16MB
9601-1922 2P128 25MHz 16MB
9601-1923 2P128 25MHz 64MB
9601-1924 2P128 25MHz 2x64MB
9601-1925 2P64 25MHz 64MB

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