In January of 2002 an effort was started by Kenji Aoyama to port OpenBSD/mvme88k with device support from NetBSD/luna68k to his Omron LUNA88K2 workstation. This eventually resulted in a working OpenBSD/luna88k port which was integrated in April 2004 into the the OpenBSD source tree.

The port is still in its early stages but is booting multi-user on both supported machines and supports most on-boards devices. Since the late summer 2004 an effort was made to share as much code as possible between the OpenBSD/mvme88k and OpenBSD/luna88k ports, including much low-level code (scheduler, low-level fork code, 88100 floating point code, exception code and trap handlers, the MMU interface, 8820x management code) and most of the include files.

Snapshots of the working OpenBSD/luna88k port are made regularly and are available from FTP-mirrors together with installation instructions.

The port could be helped greatly if more LUNA88K and/or LUNA88K2 machines would be available to the developers.

Supported hardware


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