Motorola System V/68 Release 3 Version 5


  • A minimum of 4MB of DRAM
  • A processor with SST/boot ROM firmware version:
    CPU Board SST/Boot ROM firmware version
    MVME131x 3.1 or higher
    MVME132x 3.1 or higher
    MVME134 1.0 or higher
    MVME141 1.0 or higher
    MVME147 1.0 or higher

    Peripherals Supported

    Board Description Max count
    MVME131 MVME131 Family - MC68020 CPU 1
    MVME132 MVME132 Family - MC68020 CPU 1
    MVME134 MC68020, MC68851 PMMU, 4MB DRAM 1
    MVME136* MC68020, MC68851 PMMU, MC68881, 1 or 4MB DRAM 1
    MVME141 MVME141 Family - MC68030 CPU 1
    MVME143* MVME143 Family - MC68030 CPU 1
    MVME147 MVME147 Family - MC68030, MC68882, 4 or 8MB DRAM, SCSI, Ethernet 1
    MVME204 1 or 2MB DRAM 4
    MVME205 4MB ECC DRAM 4
    MVME224 4 or 8MB Parity Memory 5
    MVME320A Winchester/Floppy Controller 2
    MVME320B Winchester/Floppy Controller 2
    MVME321* Winchester/Floppy Controller 2
    MVME323 ESDI Controller 2
    MVME327A** SCSI Bus Adapter 1
    MVME330A OfficeLAN XNS Ethernet Controller 1
    MVME331 6 Port RS-232 Async Communications Controller 4
    MVME332 8 Port RS-232 Async Communcations Controller 4
    MVME332XT 8 Serial/1 Parallel Port Async Communications Controller 8
    MVME333 Synchornous Communications Controller 2
    MVME335 4 Serial/1 Parallel Port Async Communications Controller 1
    MVME336 DeltaLink Controller 1
    MVME350 QIC-02 Streaming Cartridge Tape Controller 2
    MVME355 9-Track Tape Controller 1
    MVME360 SMD Disk Controller 2
    MVME37x Token Bus/Ethernet LAN controller 6
    * This board is supported by R3V5 but is not a system-supported board.
    ** Booting from a SCSI device is supported only for the MC68030 processors.

    Supported Drives

    Device Maximum Number
    70MB Micropolis Winchester Hard Disk* 4
    70MB CDC WREN II Winchester Hard Disk* 4
    337MB Fujitsu SMD Hard Disk* 4
    182MB CDC ESDI Hard Disk 4
    390MB CDC Wren V ESDI Hard Disk 4
    150MB CDC Wren III SCSI Hard Disk** 4
    300MB CDC Wren IV SCSI Hard DIsk** 4
    85MB Seagate ST-296N SCSI Hard Disk** 4
    60MB Archive 2060S SCSI Streaming Cartridge Tape Drive** 2
    150MB Archive 2150S SCSI Streaming Cartridge Tape Drive** 2
    1.2MB/655KB Teac Floppy Disk Drive 1
    60MB Archive 2060L QIC-02 Streaming Cartridge Tape Drive 1
    150MB Archive 2150L QIC-02 Streaming Cartridge Tape Drive 1
    Pertec 1600/3200 BPI 9-Track Tape Drive 1
    Kennedy 1600/6250 BPI 9-Track Tape Drive 1
    * There is maximum of two drives per controller.
    ** The maximum number of these SCSI drives depends on kernel configuration.